About Pie Simply Pie

Coconut Cream Pie from Pie Simply PieHello! I’m Debbie Haddock, Pie Connoisseur behind Pie Simply Pie. Officially established in 2011, Pie Simply Pie has been a long time dream of mine, which is in the process of becoming a reality.

I have had the great privilege of being surrounded by wonderful Southern family as well as farm family cooks. I have many fond memories of preparing cinnamon rolls for my family each Saturday morning, when I was quite young, using my Betty Crocker kids cookbook. My baking education has been furthered through workshops at the San Francisco Baking Institute, as well as having friends who are amazing cooks and who are more than willing to try my new creations. (I truly appreciate the feedback).

I attended college as an art major. However, I have been involved with accounting work since 1980. And it is my hope that the business experiences that I have gained will enhance this creative endeavor.

So, I hope that my pies will enliven your taste buds as well as enliven you personally to dream the dreams that were meant for you.

Dream Big Dreams and Live Large!



To order, call or email Debbie Haddock, Pie Connoisseur.


Email: piesimplypie@gmail.com